Son of God (The Movie)

son of god As I was checking out the previews of up coming movies, three movies in particular caught my attention: “Heaven is for Real,” “Noah,” and “Son of God.” All three of these are faith-based movies produced by major movie production companies. For many years Hollywood has attempted to make faith-based movies which have failed miserably leading them to the conclusion Christians do not go to movies. Quite the contrary. Christians go to the movies, but they will not support anything just because it’s being promoted as “spiritual,” “faith-based,” or even a story from the bible. Hollywood uses a tactic to make money that is not accepted in a culture who’s number one requirement is faith, embellishment. Without faith it is impossible to please God. We must first believe that He is and He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him. Faith is what Christianity is built on, the decision to believe or not. Now what Hollywood does not understand is our faith is not established off of blind sight. Our faith is built off of what we’ve seen, experienced, and witnessed. The gospel is preached with signs following. It is those signs that cause people to believe which produces faith. So no Christian is blindly following Jesus. It’s a real experience and because of the experience I chose to believe in Him and trust Him as He guides me through life. In other words our faith is built off what we know is true without question, wavering, or vacillation. If our believe system was established on the least bit of embellishment then it’s a lie. Faith in our culture is built on validity. The scriptures instruct us to try God so that He can prove Himself to us. It’s that proof that makes our walk, our faith unshakable. So embellishment in our culture is a definite negative. Any hint of falsehood discredits truth and becomes deception and deception always has an ulterior motive. Noah-2014-Movie-Poster

Hollywood embellishes most stories to make it appealing to the viewer. They have never understood the Christian community and so they have approached this segment of movie goers as they have approached all the others. So the conclusion was established Christians do not support faith-based or bible story movies. Mel Gibson’s the Passion proved the industry wrong. Not only was the Passion appealing to Christian Community throughout the world but it also appealed to non-Christians as well. Hollywood refused to back Mel’s idea having seen past results and not wanting to get on board with a project that fit a category that has proven historically to be a loss. Mel Gibson spent about $25 million out of his own pocket to produce the movie which in the same year grossed well over a $100 million dollars. This was a shock to Hollywood which has revisited the ideas of faith-based movies. The Christian community spends over $100 billion a year on Christian merchandise so there should not be any questions that we are a lucrative pool. So where is the disconnect? What Hollywood fails to see and has always failed to see is we will not support something that is SCRIPTURALLY INACCURATE. Mel Gibson purposefully stuck to the scriptures avoiding embellishment and major inaccuracies. He did not have Jesus get married to add a romantic side to the story.

So as I’m watching the preview to “Son of God” there were two scenes in the previews that caught my attention. There’s a scene where Peter is in the boat with Jesus and he tells Peter to let the net down to catch the fish. In the previews it appears that Jesus did this as a recruitment effort to get Peter to follow Him. Another scene looks like the resurrection of Lazarus where Jesus is in the tomb by his head and Lazarus’ eyes open. Let me first say I have not seen the movie and my opinion is based off of my interpretation of what I saw only in the previews. But if my perception is accurate then once again Hollywood has missed the lesson. list the over all gross of The Passion of Christ at $370 billion dollars. Why does Hollywood feel the need to alter the story. This is what leads the Church to say do not support it, because our faith is built on accuracy and any inaccuracies discredits everything.

To my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ…Am i saying do not support the movie? Not at all. Hopefully the overall message hasn’t been altered for the sake of entertainment. But what I am saying is we as Christians must know the story for ourselves. Hollywood has altered the stories to the point that when I minister people don’t know the truth. We serve a detailed oriented God and no details in the scripture can afford to be over looked or altered. I suggest you read the story before and after you watch these movies so that your faith is not based on some mans manufactured depiction of scriptures as oppose to truth. If walking in truth will set you free, then what will deception do? Let us not be blinded by the effects of Hollywood (do not be mislead and think there is no ulterior motive behind Hollywood’s alterations of the scriptures, even those with the bible christian expert on hand) but instead walk in the light.

One Comment on “Son of God (The Movie)

  1. Mel Gibson’s movie was inaccurate and was based more on the writings of Anne Catherine Emmerich The Dolorous Passion and not the word of God. Last years movie series “the bible” was inaccurate as well. I would expect this movie to be the same and wont see it. Russell Crow movie, Noah, from my research is also inaccurate. If you would like to see the word of God spread, spend the ten dollars on a bible and give it to someone instead of going to the movies.
    Observe the 2nd Commandment and don’t put such images before your eyes.

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